Tradition with Tranquillity Rudraksha Mala for Prosperity

Rudraksha beads are more than a symbol of the connection to heaven. Saints and yogis of the past felt enervated and experienced great inner peace when they wore the rudraksha beads. Since then, the practice has passed down generation to generation until today it has become a way of life.

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No longer relegated to just the monks and yogis, the rudraksha has reached the common man and is changing the way one thinks with its power. Most people want to buy rudraksha mala online since this eliminates the bother of moving or choosing. Also, making payment is simple and one gets to interact with genuine dealers selling authentic goods.

Astonishing rudraksha seeds from the east

Rudraksha beads are the seeds of the fruit from the rudraksha tree. This tree is native to islands of Indonesia, parts of Nepal and India. The face or mukh of the rudraksha seed refers to the highly indented surface of the seed. You see a line running from the top to the bottom, much like the longitudes of the earth. When one line runs across the face, the rudraksha has two faces and we call it a two-faced mukhi rudraksha.

So, why do we have this connection to heaven? The meaning of rudra is Shiva and aksha means tear. So, rudraksha means tear of Lord Shiva. In nature, the reference and use of rudraksha depends on the forms of mukhis or faces. Thus, we have one face, two face, three face and so on up to 21 faces. These we call ek mukhi, do mukhi, and so on. Other than that, you also have rarer mukhi rudraksha beads with up to 38 faces but the rudraksha beads up to 21 mukhis is commonly used. Before you search for rudraksha mala online and use it, learn about the rules.

Conditions for wearing the rudraksha mala

You have certain conditions for wearing the rudraksha mala. If you follow these rules, you will benefit more. First, you must have it energized by a Brahmin priest in a Shiv temple. Then, you must chant the mantra before you wear the mala. Among the many other rules that follow, the most important ones are that one must not touch the mala with dirty fingers or with the pointer finger. And, one must not wear the rudraksha mala while making love.

In general, the mala must have 108 beads plus one. This extra bead, known as the bindu, keeps the cyclic nature of the mala intact. Without this, the wearer will become dizzy. It helps the person turn back while saying prayers when he or she reaches the bindu. Use a silk or cotton string for the mala. Some people use gold, silver, or copper too.=

Rare and common beads

The one mukhi or one faced rudraksha is the rarest. Hence, the cost is more for this. The five faced rudraksha bead is the most commonly found one. People use this in many Japa malas.

So, hoping your rudraksha mala online shopping is a rewarding experience, we wish you all the best in your life. Be sure to test the rudraksha beads before you pay. Or, choose a reputed buyer who has many years of experience to back him.

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