McDonald’s: The Fast food empire

Started by brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald. McDonald’s is the largest and most successful food chain in the history of mankind. People often regard it as America’s greatest export. The American restaurant chain has managed to grow over 35,000 locations in more than 100 countries. Over the decades they have been the true pioneer and innovator of the fast food industry.

Factors behind their success:

  • Same consistency throughout the world: 

    If you happen to travel a lot then you might have noticed that their menu and quality remains the same with few extra additionals. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Australia or in India, you will get the same thing all over the world (except few options). Very few restaurant chains manage to match their service, value, and cleanliness.

  • Innoation throughout the decades: 

    The American giant played a huge role in renovating new products into their menu. McDonald’s introduced the drive-thru concept which allowed millions of customers to buy food while driving. Furthermore, the company gave huge importance to the taste and preference of people over the years. Their Happy Meal is the biggest innovation in the fast food industry. They made kids a faithful customer by offering various toys and goodies from the respective generation.

  • Resiliency in difficult times: 

    McDonald’s has faced countless lawsuits for various issues. They have also been the target of negative press. But still, they managed to combat this negativity with their effective marketing schemes. Many critics have claimed that their food is completely unhealthy. In response to that, they launched various ad campaigns promoting the use of safer ingredients in their food. They have been accused of wasting paper and destroying natural resources in the past. To encounter this problem they managed to change their packaging into recycled materials. However, their food is still considered unhealthy and can cause obesity. But their strong marketing campaign created a genuine faith among the customers. The marketing team at McDonald’s knows that in fair market customer always have the upper hand. For this reason, they try to act according to the needs of a customer. You can see this philosophy in their breakfast menu. As a breakfast is the first thing a person eats after he gets up. That’s why McDonald’s have redesigned the menu for the morning.

In my opinion, only a few companies will ever match the magnitude of McDonald’s fame among the people. They have shown that proper marketing schemes and business strategies can make your profits go up even in the opposite conditions.

  • From the very beginning, Mcdonalds has remained consistent about their branding. Their key attributes are still the same as they were 50 years ago. For this reason, they have managed to develop a customer confidence in their brand.
  • Their flexible nature of adopting customer’s taste and preference has also played a great role in their success. Innovation is the key.
  • Their brave stand against criticism is an effective step. And they are well acknowledged to the fact that problems and downfalls often happen in businesses.
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