How Stainless Steel Springs Fit Your Applications?

We all witness Stainless steel springs in our day to day life. Most of the gadgets or electronic components we come across is enabled with Stainless steel springs. Therefore, it is quite evident that some of you may wonder about the manufacturing of springs and you may also think about the applications of these springs.

Stainless steel springs are used in every kind of industry. Due to their properties like durability, rust resistant and high yield strength, these springs are commonly used.

I guess, you must be thinking about the manufacturing process of stainless steel spring. These springs are made by the suitable wire that goes through process of hardening and tempering to meet the need of spring.

Generally, this process starts as a large metal bar which has to bear the heavy weight then it is heated for malleability and the steel is drawn through series of dies that makes the desired diameter of the spring.

There are two types of steel used to make springs.

  • Carbon Steel:

These kind of steel generally used to make wire of music instruments. These kind of steel are well known for its uniformity and quality. However, carbon steels can rust so they are not used where it can get wet.

  • Stainless Steel:

It is the most common type of steel that can be made of any length or diameter. However, there are some subcategories of such steels

  • Extension springs:

When they are coiled tightly, these are at rest. So, when extended, exert the most mechanical energy.

  • Compressed springs:

Springs are at rest when completely extended and contain the most stored energy when compressed.

  • Torsion springs:

They are tightly coiled like extension springs but their force is created by twisting or torque.

Characteristics of Steel Springs:

Every design demands a specific spring, therefore to meet the demand of your design, you need to contact the manufacturer of the spring who can make one for your specifications. However, you need to understand the characteristics of steel spring in order to choose the right one.

  • Tolerance:

This characteristic can be expressed in terms of temperature, humidity, pressure or force. It is the basic limit of your application. Therefore, to find the accurate spring with relevant characteristics will require you to consult the design.

However, our mission is to find the spring that is suitable for the application from the material and dimension’s context, and it should be able to tolerate all the other factors that it may face from mechanical system.

  • Fatigue Limits:

This characteristic of the spring can be calculated by the combine study of statistics and data of specific qualities of steel alloys that are used to make spring.

In order to analyze the life span of the spring in different conditions, this characteristic is used. This helps in regular maintenance and steady operation of the mechanical system.

  • Relaxation and Creep:

Some deformation of the material can occur with the passage of time even when you are staying within your material tolerances and fatigue limits. It is one of the general process of natural mechanical components aging. And often it is highly predictable.

Reasons for the Failure of spring: 

If you want to make the most out of your product. It is of utmost important to understand why does spring fail?

  • Spring Pressure:

Most of the time we have seen the failure of a spring due to pressure more than the capacity of steel spring. And this pressure exceeds due to the flawed design.

Wrong Metal:

  • The material used for making spring plays an important role. One should always understand the application for which the spring will be used.
  • Poor Finishing:

Apart from the material used in spring, finishing plays a vital role in determining that how long it going to last.

I hope, this helps you in basic understanding of the stainless steel springs. However, there are numerous details that you can find out in our other blogs. You may feel free to contact us in case of any suggestion or enquiry.

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