Some quick interesting facts you should know about Starbucks

Below are the Starbucks facts which can enhance your knowledge about your favorite drink. In the last couple years, Starbucks has become one of the main culinary industries. It has the loyal consumers who always drink their favorite coffee every day. This condition mostly occurs in US, but it soon will appear in other parts of the world as their expansion. The popularity of Starbucks has embedded on the heart of the loyal customers. In this post let me take you closer to the truth about Starbucks facts. Here they are.

1.Starbucks customer

The first point of Starbucks facts tells you about the customers. Based on research, the customers who love with Starbucks will make a visit on the store for about six times within a month. The more frequent visit is held by 20 percent of the loyal customers. They usually come to the store for about 16 times each month.

2.Original Starbucks

The original Starbucks coffee was made in Seattle. The customers at that time were served with 8 oz cups. Due to the popularity as well as the expansion of the business, this company the adds more variants. You can pick 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz or even 30 oz.

3.Starbucks stores

I can say that Starbucks is a successful business. It has gained much attention from the customers all over the world. That’s why to overcome the demanding situation; this company always adds two stores regularly since 1987.

4.Santa Fe Springs

If you want to enjoy Starbucks without being confused to find the store, you may need to go to California at Santa Fe Spring. In this place, there are more than 560 Starbucks stores available to serve the customers. The gap between each store is only 25 miles.

5.Starbucks in Beijing

The domination of Starbucks is not only located in US. In 1999, this company opened its first store in Beijing, China. In this present day, their stores in China are more than 376 units. The ambitious plan is building 1000 stores in 2015.

6.Drink combination

The sixth point of Starbucks facts tells you about the drink combination in the store. Starbucks claims that they can serve the customers with more than 87,000 drink combination. Probably it is biggest reason why people love to drink the coffee from this store.

7.Employee of Starbucks

The seventh point of Starbucks facts is unbelievable. The number of the employee/ partners was 137,000 based on the data in 2010. If you compare to the population of the people who live in Greenland, it is twice more.


If you want to enjoy a massive coffee drink, you can pick Trenta. It is bigger compared to the size of your stomach. On average, people have the stomach capacity of 900ml. The trenta offers you with 916 ml.

9.Starbucks cinnamon chip

If you order the Starbucks cinnamon chip, you need to be careful since it contains lots of calories. Compared to the quarter pounder of McDonald, this drink has more calories. If you mind with the calories, you can pick the other Starbucks low calorie menu.

10.Starbucks grande coffee

The last point of the Starbucks facts tells you about the Starbucks grande coffee. If you really concern with the caffeine on your coffee, I suggest you not to pick this menu. It contains 320 ml caffeine. Compared to the caffeine in Red bull, it is four times higher.


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