The Best upcoming SUVs in India

In the recent years, the demand for SUVs in India has increased rapidly. Everyone wants a higher and superior driving position in their car. Or perhaps they just want to feel bigger than the other vehicles on the road. All players from all around the world are trying their luck with their SUVs. However, Indian giants like Mahindra and Tata are the dominant player in the SUV industry. So let’s find out the best upcoming SUVs in India. Note that I haven’t any specific budget in this list.

  • Mercedes-Benz GLC coupe: 

    The German automotive giant is world famous for their iconic G-Wagen. They have also introduced a couple of other SUVs into the market. The GLC coupe is another offering. It packs a powerful 2.0 Litre engine that produces a respectable 238 brake horsepower along with 370 Nm of torque. And it is backed up by an advanced 9-speed automatic gearbox. The company is currently boasting that the GLC coupe is much quicker and agiler than the standard GLC. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz has also introduced AMG trim made purely for beast performance. Having unique and distinctive characteristics makes it a rival free car (at least in India).

  • Audi Q2: 

    Being the smallest SUV in the Audi SUV line-up. The Q2 features a cute but agile design. And it is said that it will be the most affordable Audi in India. The price may start from 22 Lakhs INR, which is a pretty good deal considering the superior batch. Audi has made plans to target the young customers with this model. In addition, Audi is fitting a 1.4-liter petrol and 2.0-liter diesel as well. And both of the variants are backed up a six-speed manual or a 7-speed DSG gearbox. Furthermore, there are many rumors that the Q2 may also feature Audi’s iconic Quattro system for better traction over the road. It is meant to give straight competition to the rivals like the Jeep Compass and the Hyundai Tuscon.

  • Volkswagen Tiguan:

    Volkswagen had a pretty bad time with in 2016. However, they have managed to get back their former glory with the launch of various models. The Tiguan is the latest gadget coming out of their sleeve. It borrows the same design language from the Skoda Kodiak and it features a power 2.0-liter diesel engine along with automatic gearbox for convenience. You wheel options ranging from all-wheel-drive to a standard front wheel drive system.

    Volkswagen will try to give direct competition to Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA, and the X1 by BMW. Furthermore, you can expect Volkswagen’s use of high-quality materials in its cabin and enormous cabin space. Digital radio, touchscreen console with Apple play and Android auto will come standard. The Tiguan is said to launch at an attractive price tag of 30 lakhs INR. Finally, you can also sneak out of the panoramic roof.

  • New Land Rover Discovery: 

    Land Rover is the pioneer in the SUV industry with their Range Rover and other SUVs. The 5th Generation of the Discovery is said to be launched by the end of 2017. Land Rover officials have said that it is the most dynamic they have ever built. Such big claims are backed up Si6 and TDV6 engine along with eight-speed gearbox. Furthermore, the new Discovery get a proper eight-speed transmission. The new generation of Discovery has also lost a massive weight of 480 kgs if we compare it to the previous generation. Air suspension and terrain response system comes as standard to the SUV. If you want to explore the true definition of SUV by exploring on the uneven terrain than the new discovery is the best bang for your money. However, due to Land Rover’s popularity and reputation Discovery is believed to be priced quite higher.

  • Audi Q5: 

    The current Q5 is one of the best selling SUVs in the India. However, Audi is facing stiff competition with the launch of Mercedes-Benz GLC. The new Q5 looks like a skimped down version of the Q7. However, the Q7 remains their flagship SUV with better interior space and equipment list. The Q5 also features a 12-inch Virtual cockpit system and it supports both Android Auto and Apple Carplay as standard. Just like the previous generation, the new Q5 will consist of 5-seater variants. For engine choices, you will get a 2.0 diesel engine with an eight-speed automatic gearbox for maximum efficiency. In addition, it will be equipped with Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system as standard.

  • Nissan X-Trail Hybrid: 

    The Hybrid technology has gained massive attention over the years. Environmentalists are opting for eco-friendly vehicles over traditional fossil fueled ones. The Toyota Prius is the best example of this Hybrid ideology. Nissan is trying to play another take on the Hybrid market with their new X-Trail Hybrid. It was first showcased in the 2016 Auto Expo India. The car features two engines to run on the Hybrid technology. You get a traditional 2.0-liter engine that produces impressive 142 brake horsepower with 200 Nm of torque while the other electric motor produces 39 brake horse power with 160 Nm of torque. Recently, Nissan has listed it on their Indian official website. Therefore, we can expect that company will launch it very soon. Rumors say that it be priced ay around 35 lakhs INR.

  • Ford Ecosport Facelift: 

    Ford is responsible for creating a new category of cars in the Indian market. They managed to pioneer the compact SUV market with their famous compact SUV EcoSport. You cannot compare any sales record with the success of EcoSport. They are coming back with the new Ecosport with a stylish and bold facelift. The new car will feature new headlamps, masculine grille, newly updated tail lamps and alloy wheels as standard. In addition to that, Ford has been paying a great attention to detail to their cabin space and quality. The interiors have been updated with a touchscreen infotainment system that enables you to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto seamlessly. However, it is still not confirmed that the new model will come with a spare wheel at the back or not. Experts are expecting the new EcoSport to be priced at around 7.5 lakhs INR.

  • Skoda Kodiaq: 

    In India Skoda never had too many customers. They also have very limited number of Cars in India. However, over the past years, they have managed somehow to gain the trust of specific. Till date, their Octavia and Superb are the best models. Skoda is trying their another attempt into the SUV market by launching first ever 7-seater SUV. It is said that they will face direct competition from already established cars like Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour.

    Their new SUV will feature a 2.0-liter diesel engine with good efficiency. However, they have planned to launch petrol variants after the first release. The exterior feels quite solid and refreshed with three-dimensional grille, sharp and stylish LED headlamps and huge wheel arches. Furthermore, the Kodiaq is available only with a 7-seater option. The car is believed to provide the best balance between a rugged SUV and a regular car. Skoda has also promised for a refreshed interior with a 6.5-inch entertainment screen for Android Auto. You can expect it launch by the end of 2017. However, there hasn’t been any official words by Skoda about its launch.

  • Jeep Compass: 

    Highly anticipated SUV from the American giant Jeep. With almost premium design and equipment, list Compass is said to be launched at a very attractive price of 20 lakhs. its affordability will surely make it a huge hit among the SUV enthusiasts and buyers. The company is expecting to improve their Global image by launching this specific model to the market. In the past, their reputation has been ruined couple of times by the inferior interior quality. However, this time they have raised their game to the next and trying to compete with the German rivals as well. You will get both Petrol and diesel options in this car, but it’s still not clear that whether it receives a manual or an automatic transmission as standard. Furthermore, the company has promised to provide both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive options to their model.

  • Tata Nexon: 

    Tata has truly shown its true potential when it bought Land Rover and Jaguar when both of them were going in loss. Today, the Range Rover is the best high-end SUV in the world and Jaguar is doing pretty well too. The Nexon was first showcased at the Auto Expo 2016 and gained huge attention from the visitors. Presently, Nexon is the most anticipated SUV in the Indian market. Its design falls in the sub-compact SUV range and is completely different from any other SUVs manufactured by Tata.

    Furthermore, the SUV will feature a 1.2-liter turbo petrol and a 1.3-liter Multijet diesel engine producing 90 brake horsepower. The Nexon is also said to revolutionize the interior design language of vehicles by TATA. As a matter of fact, rumors are saying that it will feature dash mounted infotainment system just like you can get on an Audi. However, there will be no 7-seater option, so you are limited to only 5 seats. Experts are predicting it to be priced at around 6.5 lakhs INR. And it is believed to be launched by the end of 2017.

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