All you should know before the first motorway drive

Driving on the motorway is always exhilarating and the feeling you get the first time can’t be expressed. Although motorways are safer than many other roads, accidents and breakdowns, if occur, are far more troublesome and detrimental. Motorway driving speed limit is the same for almost all the passenger vehicles but things are different for larger trucks and loaders. The number of vehicle on the road however can make a new driver nervous and overcautious. Here’re a few things to ensure your first motorway driving experience is smooth and exceptional.

Helpful tips

For every road you’re planning to drive on, it’s better to know about the route as much as possible including the number of junctions and turns so on. This would ensure you don’t get off-tracked while keeping a lookout for relevant road signs. On the first drive though, it’s recommended to go along with an experienced driver for maximum safety and to coach you with the rules of switching the lanes, entering and leaving the motorway so on.

Always remember the phrase; slow and steady wins the race, when entering the motorway. Take full road to your advantage by entering slowly and accelerate to the desired speed limit as set for the motorway. Likewise, when leaving the motorway, be sure to take the correct lane without overtaking other vehicles.

The first rule of driving is to be decisive. Hesitation leads to confusion which raises the chance of accidents for you and other drivers. Always keep a check on the side mirrors and signal on time so that others on the road can accommodate accordingly without any trouble. Stick with this rule for almost every road other than the motorway.

Make good use of car mirrors since you should be familiar with all that goes on around; both for safety and as a primary rule for a driver. Besides mirrors, other vehicle systems must be put to good use such as indicators what are extremely important to alert the pursuing vehicles when you’re switching lanes or making a turn.

A car should be in top condition which is an exceptional for motorway driving. Be sure you drive with brand tyres that guarantee quality and best driving irrespective of the weather. When buying the tyres, do ask the vendor about tread depth, quality, recommended pressure and other essentials for overall smooth and safe drive.

Countdown markers/signs are helpful in telling you about the distance to the next road exchange, turns, fuel stations and other such things.

Things to remember

Motorway speed limit for every country differs per the road condition, types of vehicles and overall environment however, it can range anywhere between 70-and-100+ miles per hour. Things that may impact the speed limit, be it temporary or permanent are construction work, accidents, adverse weather and so on.

Cornering or dogging on the motorway can result in a serious accident, a heavy fine and even revoking of the license. Stopping distance on the motorway is usually long due to high speed driving and things can get pretty messy if the track’s covered with ice or water.


With all the details listed above, do remember to invest in brand tyre for overall safety and amazing motorway experience.

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