Interesting facts about Rolls Royce

Cars were invented to transport people from one place to another. They eliminated the age old carts driven by horses. However, Rolls Royce isn’t all about transportation. They are much more than that, as they define true luxury and craftsmanship. Over the years their cars have been the true status symbol in the society. They might have their British origin but presently they are owned by the German giant BMW. For this reason, there has been a massive improvement in dynamics of their vehicles. Now they are now just 4-ton machines. They are agiler and faster than ever before. So here are some interesting facts about the luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce.

Interesting facts:

  1. Most Rolls Royce’s are manufactured in USA:

    Despite of having European origins. Today, the plant in Indianapolis manufactures the highest number of Rolls. There’s a huge of demand of Rolls in the US. Presently, there are over 4000 workers working the Indianapolis facility.

  2. They only sold chassis and motor till 1946:

    Rolls Royce has become a big luxury brand in the recent years. Their interiors are very famous and remarkable for the cutting edge luxury. Their interiors are made up of highest quality materials. But did you know that fact that until 1946 they only sold the chassis and a motor? The customers had to build their own customized coachwork. Moreover, Rolls Royce recommended their customer to consult Barker & Co Ltd for the coachwork.

  3. The stationary center caps:

    You might call it a gimmick. But the center caps on their cars do not rotate. They always stay straight so that everyone takes a glimpse at them. This is a pure style element, as many other manufacturers are also copying this design language.

  4. You cannot steal the Spirit of Ecstasy:

    The front hood of the Rolls Royce is ornamented with the famous statue. It is the spirit of Ecstasy. The small statue symbolizes the forbidden love affair of John Water and his secretary. In the old days of Rolls Royce, the statue was prone to get stolen. But with the introduction of newer models. Rolls Royce has make sure an anti-theft mechanism that prevents the ornament getting stolen. The mascot efficiently retracts itself inside the body when someone tries to pull it by force.

  5. There’s only one man who can paint a Rolls Royce:

    Technology has evolved over the years. Robots are there to do the work for us. Accordingly, they can also paint stuff efficiently. However, the art can’t be achieved by some computers. Rolls Royce values art and exclusivity in their products. Only a single man has given the chance to paint their coach line of their cars. Mark Court is the guy who can paint your Rolls Royce and give it a distinctive look. No machine or Robot could match his art of perfection.

  6. The highest number of Rolls Royce:

    Hong Kong has the highest number of Rolls Royce. The British empire introduced the vehicles into their country. As a matter of fact, Rolls Royce was the choice of car for the British officers as well as the businessman. It was the ultimate status symbol during those days. Still today the status symbol remains intact. That is the reason why today also most of the business executives in Hong Kong prefer the Rolls Royce over any other car.

  7. Rolls Royce Provides special courses for Chauffeurs:

    Well, Chauffeur is quite a fancy word for the drivers. Being a premium car Rolls Royce provides premium driving experience. For this reason, they are offering several training programs to fully understand their premium cars. This training program includes etiquettes as well. All over the programs are meant to give a touch of sophistication to its aspirants. Moreover, the cars by Rolls Royce are so huge that special training is required to handle them.

  8. Only Bull skin is used in its upholstery:

    Over the years Rolls Royce only uses Bull hides for upholstery. It takes about 8 bulls to complete a single Rolls Royce. Interestingly, Rolls Royce never uses female cattle cause their skin tend to get stretch marks during pregnancy. Well, that’s level of detail and perfection for you. Furthermore, the Bulls for the car are raised in the coldest region of Europe so you will get blemish free and cottony soft seats. Quite cruel in my opinion.

  9. Their cars were used as garbage collector:

    The famous Maharaja Jai Singh went to purchase Rolls Royce. But he faced an uncourteous salesman who said that he couldn’t afford the car. Angry and furious Maharaja ordered 10 models and shipped them to India. They were used for collecting and transporting garbage. Back in those days, honor, had more value than money. The Maharaja proved himself.

  10. The iconic grill of the car:

    In the early cars the grill were completely built by hand. It was lined up by eye by a precise craftsman who would later put his initials. Presently, the grill looks more masculine and iconic than ever before. However, the company is still following the old design language of its previous models in the past. England has been the prominent place for the development of the iconic grill. Although, in the recent times BMW has implemented some of their design elements into the cars.

  11. More than 65 percent of the Rolls Royce are still on road:

    Well the company is world famous for producing some of the most luxurious cars. But did you know the fact that more than 65 percent of their car ever built are still running on the road. Their cars are so well built that they rarely have any major break downs. Their powerful engines and magnificent craftsmanship still makes their cars go. Rolls Royce always uses the finest materials to build their cars. That includes the best metals, fibers etc. You are unlikely to find such perfection and craftsmanship in any other vehicle in the world. As a matter of fact, there’s hardly any other alternative to Rolls Royce in the market.

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