All you should know about ‘First’ & ‘Second’ car servicing

Cars are among the most treasured possessions, a long-term (perhaps lifetime) investment, essential for travel convenience and daily existence. Though there’re many options to road travel nowadays, a personal vehicle is irreplaceable to meet the usual needs and ultimate peace of mind. That being said, car requires just the proper maintenance and care at all stages so here’s all to expect during ‘first’ and ‘second’ servicing.

Buying a novel automotive could be a dream scenario for several. It’s clean, it’s shiny and it’s that nice new automotive smell.

But if you’d rather obtain a lot of economically and avoid paying the premium for being a car’s initial owner, then you may wish to going second-hand or perhaps ‘nearly new’. However, there are more countless alternative prices that acquire play once shopping for and running a automobile and that they shouldn’t be unnoticed. These embrace the automobile tax, a car’s fuel consumption, MOT prices and automobile insurance.

First service

  • New cars

The first service for a new car is scheduled after 12 months or at least when the vehicle covers 10,000 to 15,000 miles approximately. However, it differs between vehicle manufacturers with the details listed in the vehicle’s handbook. You will come to know that initial or first-time service is a must requisite of the warranty.

Though you aren’t bound to have it performed at the manufacturer or original dealer, both are recommended by auto experts for perfectness. Individual garages approved by manufacturers and offer just the premium-grade services can be approached with confidence.

When Mercedes service in Dubai is concerned for instance, authenticity matters most which is achieved only through qualified mechanics. The first service for a new car mostly involves oil, filter and air change. Since the car’s new, the procedure remains basic so don’t expect heavier expense!

  • Used cars

 If you’ve bought a used car, it’s likely to have gone through the first service but, you should have a ‘proper’ detailed service just in case something went missing before. The process with a used car however would be more ‘involved’ since the vehicle has obviously seen more wear and tear.

Most of the servicing garages are likely to offer two choices namely interim or a full/detailed service. Both are usually due once the vehicle has completed one year or covered 12,000 miles. Many of the motorists prefer a full service for ultimate performance and longevity of the vehicle but the choice is all yours.

It’s better to have a professional mechanic look at the car and recommend the important ones that are likely to be tyres, filters, fluids and brakes. If you suspect a problem with the car before the full service is due, just don’t wait for the worse and have it checked immediately.

Second service

Much like the first, second service is due once the car’s stipulated mileage has been achieved or completion of one year. It shouldn’t be much difficult to keep a track of the service due especially with modern cars that flash alerts on the LCD screen.

Service options here would be the same as those with the first that are minor/interim and full/detailed whereas quality and professionalism depends on the garage or repair station you chose. Standard services include change of filter and oil with visual inspection of;

  • Tyres
  • Braking mechanism
  • Electronics and light
  • Power steering and brake fluid, coolant levels, windscreen wash

Be advised that additional cost is likely to be incurred should any of these items are to be replaced.


Regular maintenance contributes significantly to overall vehicle performance, efficiency, fuel-economy and reliability so it’s better to get it done at the right time.

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