5 reasons to drive the car with a recharged air con system!

With the temperature rising to almost 30-degrees or above and the sun’s shinning furiously, its obvious summer season is here. This is when you’ll prefer dozing in the shade, get that barbecue equipment from the garage into the lawn and probably ready your vehicle for driving on hot roads.

Almost all the vehicles being manufactured nowadays are fitted with air conditioning to make your journey bearable. But what if the cabin eventually give the feel of an oven’s inside while you’re in the middle of the road trip!

This is when you should prefer VW service in Dubai and have the air con charged under professional’s supervision!

  1. Comfort & cool air when most needed

Many of the drivers must’ve probably came across the situation when they turned on the car’s air conditioner only to find it non-functional or giving less than average cold air. This is when the air con requires re-gassing so that you can conveniently enjoy the trip without dripping all the way!

  1. Air condition – Not a standardised MOT or service

Some of the drivers mistakenly assume that the air condition is checked only during the annual service or MOT. That being said, MOT test is to ensure that your vehicle’s in roadworthy condition which doesn’t cover air con since this isn’t something critical to the safety of both driver and vehicle. Although you may have the air condition system recharged during the annual service, a general auto industry research indicated that only one in ten driver opt for this as an added service.

  1. Effectiveness lasts no more than two years

A car’s air condition system requires coolant, a refrigerant also referred to gas which ensures effective functioning. Remember that around 10% gas from the air con system permeates per year and you’ll eventually feel lower than average interior cooling. This is the reason vehicle manufacturers recommend recharging the air con system after an year or so and complete detail service of the vehicle.

  1. Re-gas boost fuel efficiency

It’s obvious for the air conditioning system to blow warmer air with its low on gas. And while it struggles to cool the air, system would eventually put extra stress on the engine to produce colder air hence more the fuel consumption and less efficiency. Re-gassing would increase air con system’s performance as well as boost fuel efficiency which means a double win.

  1. Value all round the year

Remember that in-car air condition isn’t just for use during hot and sunny days but comes in handy even in coldest winter. It can rapidly demist the windscreen by releasing dry and warmer air so if you’re eventually struggling on the road for visibility during fog or cold weather, the quickest way out is turning on the air condition and it’ll rapidly clear the windscreen. In fact, activating the air con during winter would prevent the system from drying out thus ensuring effective working all the way to summer.


Go for VW service in Dubai and give your vehicle the professional treatment it deserves along with the air con system.

By: Hassaan Javaid

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